Nome Day Excursion

Today you will travel by jet, to the fabled city of Nome made famous by gold and now the finish line for the “Last Grit Race.  Your tour includes Nome history, legend and Eskimo culture. Pan for gold, watch a dog team in action and visit an Eskimo family to learn about the subsistence way of life.

Barrow Expedition Tour

Barrow Expedition

Day tour from Fairbanks. For those that want a more in depth Arctic experience our expedition trip is for you. Depart Fairbanks and flightsee over the Arctic Plain to Barrow.

Kotzebue Day Excursion

Kotzebue Day Excursion

This morning jet to Kotzebue on the edge of the Bering Sea. You will get a glimpse of the Eskimo lifestyle. The tour begins at the airport and will include stops at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center, the White Alice Communication Station (a remnant of the cold war), Devil’s Lake and you will enjoy views of the Sound.