Arctic Air Tour

5 Hours

7:00am and 7:00pm June 1 – August 31
$509 plus $19 tax

1:00pm May 15 – Sept 15
$589 plus $21

Alaska’s Arctic is one of the last great wilderness regions on earth. It is a remote, wild, and unpopulated land of vast wilderness expanses. Travel in Alaska’s Arctic is always an adventure. Northern Alaska Tour Company prides itself in its reputation for providing a high quality travel experience which “smoothes out” the “rough edges” of travel in Alaska’s Arctic. Yet it is the spirit of you the adventurer which is unquestionably the key to making the most of today’s travel experience. Travel in Alaska’s Arctic is not for everyone. If you are young at heart, adventurous, have a desire to learn, to explore new territories, and to seek out new experiences, you are certain to come away from today’s experience with a deeper understanding of the culture, greater appreciation of the natural history, and wonderful memories of time spent in Alaska’s Arctic. . . . . . . that is the spirit of Alaska’s Arctic.

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