K-2 Aviation Glacier Landing

1 1/2 Hour

May – September, 2024

From $329 per person + $44 Tax

This tour takes you within 6 miles of McKinley’s north summit (19,470 ft.) and south summit (20,320 ft.). You will enter an ancient world of rugged high mountain peaks, towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled valleys and explore the south and east faces of Mt. McKinley. View the vertical rise of Mt. McKinley starting at its base of around 2000 feet mean sea level to over 20,320 feet. Witness an 18,320-foot mountain on this flight. Take in the flowing river of the Ruth Glacier, the renowned Sheldon Amphitheater (glacier landings often done here), the Great Gorge with its mile high granite walls – the world’s deepest, and the intense blue melt water pools that dot the glaciers.

A glacier landing is an unforgettable experience. To keep your feet warm and comfy, we supply GORE-TEX over boots . Standing beneath the towering mountains, you realize their immense scale and get a sense of the place that draws people from all over the globe. .

Your perspective on the size and grandeur of our planet will expand with this experience.

Also Available: Longer flights and glacier landings.

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