Misty Fjords Boat Cruise & Floatplane Adventure

4.5 Hours

From $379 per person + $35 Tax

Take the ultimate tour by boat and plane through Misty Fjords National Monument, one of the most majestic creations on earth! Cruise in luxury aboard a high-speed catamaran into the heart of the Monument, then enjoy an incredible tour through Behm Canal and Rudyerd Bay, surrounded by cliffs towering thousands of feet and waterfalls cascading into emerald waters. You’ll visit many points of interest, such as an active eagle’s nest, a mysterious Native pictograph, and Punchbowl Cove with its columnar basalt formations and the colorful Mossy Wall bird rookery. The towering volcanic spire known as New Eddystone Rock calls to mind the dramatic geologic forces that shaped this area six million years ago.

From the air, you can truly appreciate the magnitude and majesty of Rudyerd Bay, the crown jewel of this two million acre monument. Soar over pristine wilderness and enjoy the unspoiled forest, lakes and muskeg bogs. Keep a sharp eye out for more bears and whales.

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