Misty Fjords Boat Cruise

4.5 Hours

From $159 per person + $15 Tax

Enjoy an informative Naturalist’s presentation, and watch for marine and coastal wildlife as you “fly” at sea level past the rugged coastlines bordering Revillagigedo Channel. Voyage into Behm Canal, surrounded by the pristine beauty of Misty Fjords. Along the way you’ll view an active bald eagle’s nest, a Tlingit pictograph, and New Eddystone Rock; an immense volcanic spire Delight in the unhurried exploration of Rudyerd Bay, an ice-carved masterpiece deep within the Monument. Feel the mist of glistening waterfalls while gliding quietly beneath 3,000-foot glacier-sculpted cliffs. Enjoy a selection of complimentary snacks and beverages.

In route you’ll have the opportunity to experience native culture and history presented by a Tlingit story-teller, watch a native artist at work, or view a tour-related video presentation.

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