“Pilot’s Choice” Helicopter Tour

4 Hours

From $459 per person + $20 Taxes and Fees

The “Pilot’s Choice” Tour is a breathtaking journey of discovery of Southeast Alaska’s beautiful wilderness. The itinerary is flexible; your pilot is free to create the best possible tour based upon current weather and glacier conditions.

Your flight will give you an eagle’s view of alpine lakes, “icefalls” hanging from sheer cliffs and some of the most remote peaks and glaciers in the Juneau Icefield – places like Wonderland, Glacier King, the Mendenhall Towers, and Devil’s Paw. Your pilot will land in two different locations, where you continue the tour on foot! During these two landings you will learn about the geological and environmental processes at work creating moraines, crevasses, seracs, and the glaciers themselves.

Tour includes approximately 50 minutes of flight time and two separate landing locations, approximately 30 minutes combined on the glacier.

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