Wilderness Adventure Cruise & Rain Forest Exploration

4 Hours

From $119 per person + $12 Tax

A motorized rigid hull inflatable provides a short but exciting cruise along the coast and across Clover Passage to a remote Island in the Tongass National Forest. Whales, Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, porpoise, bald eagles and migrating seabirds may be spotted enroute. An experienced Alaskan trail guide leads the way on which takes you through a beautiful old growth forest, by way of a secluded beach. This trail is mostly boardwalk, about one-mile in length and well maintained. You will hike through ancient forest and learn about botanic species native to this region, like Western red cedar and yellow cedar that early natives were so dependent upon for spiritual enrichment, shelter and transportation. Sitka spruce from this area was instrumental in the construction of Howard Hughes’ famous “Spruce Goose” and other early vintage fighter planes.

After hiking this gently sloped historic trail, enjoy an snack of smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, hot chocolate, coffee and juice. Then take some time to explore the natural beauty around you. Bring your camera and binoculars! Minimum weight is 40 lb. for the tour.

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