Alaska Winter

Frequently Asked Questions and General Information


You are on your way to America’s last frontier, Alaska. Its size is 1/5 that of the contiguous United States. Alaska has five unique areas: Inside Passage, Southcentral, Interior, Far North and Southwest. Alaska became the “49th” state in 1959, with Juneau as its capital. Originally called “Alyeska – The Great Land” by its native dwellers, it was bought from Russia in 1867 for $7,200,000. Alaska is the home of “Denali – The Great One” formerly Mt. McKinley.

Nowhere else can you view so many active glaciers and find such a rich abundance of wildlife. Living styles vary from modern city dwellers to solitary lifestyles in the wilderness and everything in-between. Many areas in Alaska can only be reached by air or water.


Knightly Tours has been customizing vacations to Alaska since 1969. Your package is custom planned to your specific requests. You will be traveling independently and not be with an assigned “group” of people. This gives you the maximum amount of freedom to dine when you wish, take optional tours on your schedule and enjoy Alaska at your pace.

Some of our vacations are Escorted Tours, which will have you traveling with a group of guests on the exact same itinerary. This group will be lead by an Escort who will be responsible for all of your arrangements. Unless outlined in your itinerary, no meals are included.


Knightly Tours does not have service personnel in Alaska. We work with many different companies in Alaska so when you reconfirm sightseeing tours and transportation, or have a question regarding a particular portion of your trip, please refer to your itinerary and the pertinent voucher and contract office of the appropriate supplier.


It is very important to reconfirm all services as noted on your itinerary. There may be a last-minute change of time, pick-up point, etc., after your travel documents are received. Occasionally a flight time can change, which in turn can affect a transfer time to the airport. Please reconfirm flight departures with each airline at least 12 hours in advance. Be sure to carry photo ID as all airlines are requiring identification upon check-in.


Winter is a unique travel time. Below are the daylight and average temperatures for Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Suggested Winter Clothing List

When choosing winter clothing, it is best to dress in layers. We have enclosed the average temperatures and daylight hours for your stay. Cotton and down are not the best choices of materials since they are ineffective for warmth when they become damp. Polypropylene and Capilene are good choices of materials for undergarments. Major outdoor retailers such as Timberland, LL Bean, REI, Cabela’s and Eddie Bauer will be able to assist you with your selections. You will never be outside for extended periods of time (5 to 6 hours) and you will always be able to go indoors and warm up so you do not need the very best.

Here is a list of suggested items:

  • Winter coat - Warm with nylon waterproof and windproof shell
  • Gloves/Mitts - Warm with nylon waterproof shell
  • Snow pants
  • Polypropylene long underwear
  • Face mask - If your face is sensitive
Lip balm - The winter weather is very dry
  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf
  • Stocking Cap - Make sure it can cover your ears
  • Winter boots - Insulated with removable liner, allow room for liner socks and heavy socks
  • Polypropylene socks
  • Wool or warm socks
Trail headlamp - You will make some trips outdoors during the night
  • Swimsuit and Water shoes - for the hot springs


Airlines limit luggage and may charge for checked baggage. One carry on is allowed per person. Private Air Charter Flights require “soft sided” bags due to limited space. An overnight bag will be useful if you have itinerant travel of one or two overnights away from a “base” city hotel. Due to space limitations it is best to bring what is needed for the “away overnight” in the smaller bag and check the rest with your hotel. There may be a minimal charge, but it is well worth it.

Always have your personal identification tags on your luggage. Luggage is subject to customs inspection if travel takes you through Canada.


The prepaid voucher covers car rental with unlimited mileage and most Airport Fees and Taxes. The driver(s) must carry a major credit card in their name, have a valid driver’s license and be at least 21 years of age – Avis (25 years – Hertz). There is an added charge for additional drivers which must be paid at time of pick-up. Collision Damage Waiver Fee is offered by the rental companies and can be purchased at the time of rental. Prior to departure, you should consult your insurance carrier about coverage for rental cars.


Tipping is a matter of personal preference. The following are suggestions only:

Sightseeing/bus/van (2 to 4 hours) $3.00 pp
Sightseeing/bus/van (All Day or highway travel) $10-12 pp
Food service/wait persons 15 to 20% of bill
Maid service $2.00 day


Knightly Tours recommends that you leave a copy of your itinerary with family before you go. The itinerary will contain contact information for the various hotels/lodges you will be staying at.


Refunds will not be given for services voluntarily cancelled, or as a result of illness or injury. If a service was cancelled by the operator, request a refund through Knightly Tours. All refund requests must be made in writing, through the booking agent when applicable, within 60 days of completion of your Knightly Tours trip. Remember to save receipts for insurance claims if you have purchased travel insurance.


Remember, you have gone on vacation for new experiences so do not expect everything to be as it is where you live. Relax don’t be so serious you can’t allow yourself to have a good time. Be flexible and patient winter in Alaska is always an adventure. Some days will be longer than you are used to, so keep your sense of humor. Take your sense of adventure with you for a truly unique and exciting new experience. Thank you for choosing Knightly Tours to plan your tour.